Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Nude photographic posing have you ever done it?

As a photographer I have seen many women naked. Not that I made a great thing in getting them in that state in the first place. Whenever a camera and some lighting equipment got used amateur models would first say, "I've never done this before." Followed with,"I won't take my top off you know." Nine times out of ten a photo session would end with the model completely naked and enjoying posing!
If you've ever posed nude and enjoyed the experience your not alone in that experience. The growing trend today is for many people men and women to visit a photographer and create some risque, erotic naked photographs just for their partners. I think that it's OK and only reflects the current feeling, and freedom we have towards nudism, but of course it's not called that.

A little titillation is no bad thing and we've moved way past the page 3 topless pictures accepting greater amounts of flesh.

I consider photography is a medium second to none. It provides easy creation of very stimulating and interesting images. The current photographic project that I'm working on involves (would you believe it) disciplines, planning and utmost concentration. Capturing well-constructed and beautiful images of a red jacket in all of its 'adventures' is demanding.

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Have you ever worn a red jacket?

Red is a strong colour and is not worn by women very often. You can see why when male heads turn almost in unison when a female walks past is electric. This very exciting response although welcomed by some women is not the ideal way other ladies wish to be viewed.

For the handful of self-assured women that enjoy this adoration the garment itself becomes the object they relate closely to.

I like to photograph this particular red jacket because deciding how to capture it's vivid scarlet colour and the confidence of the wearer is never easy. The challenge it provides is awesome!